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Band of Boats is a one-of-a-kind platform that brings together all makes of boats for sale. From the most famous to the most limited-release brands, each produces boats that are sure to appeal to boaters. While some boatyards are more general, handling both sailing and motorized boats, others specialize in specific models. From well-known boatbuilders such as Jeanneau, Bénéteau, Bavaria Yachts, Prestige and Dufour, to less well-known ones such as Koopmans, Jongert and Marquisar, more than 500 brands of boats for sale are listed on our platform.

Do you already know the make of boat you're looking for? Find it easily in the list below and discover all the boat models produced over the years by this builder. Are you still hesitating between different boatyards? Or do you not yet know which manufacturer to direct your research to? With legendary brands from Nordic, American and Italian shipyards, the choice is vast. Be guided by the characteristics of each brand to find the one that best meets your needs. Browse among the many makes of boats for sale on Band of Boats , then click and discover the specificities of each to find the one that's right for you.


French boat brands: living legends of pleasure-boating

The history of France has been closely tied to the sea since time immemorial. In the early 20th century, navigation, which until then had been exclusively commercial and military, also became a leisure activity, opening a new chapter: that of yachting. From the 1950s to the present day, many French manufacturers, including Jeanneau, Bénéteau, Dufour, Zodiac and Fountaine Pajot, have made a name for themselves in the yachting market. These French boat brands are now recognized around the world for the quality and innovation of their boats.

Italian boat brands: luxury, style and quality

A delight for the senses: Italian boat brands have the reputation of focusing as much on aesthetics as on quality. Riva, Tullio Abbate, Sessa Marine, Absolute Yacht, Invictus and San Lorenzo display their prestige in the most exclusive ports around the world. Italian shipyards are particularly renowned in the motorboat sector. From the smallest open hulls to luxury yachts and super-yachts, these are boats that will appeal to all who love both beauty and excitement.

Numerous European boat brands

From the tip of Iceland to southern Spain, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands, many European shipyards produce boats that are popular with boaters. Jongert, Fjord, Hanse Yachts, Islander Yachts, Delphia Yachts, Galeon and Faeton are European boat brands that you're sure to come across on Band of Boats . Yachts, motorboats and marine or river cruisers, these are very popular boats.

Boat brands from all over the world for sale on Band of Boats

Did you know that the famous Leopard catamaran brand is South African? Resulting from a collaboration between the Roberston & Caine shipyard and the top boat-rental company, Moorings, it has become a world reference in the manufacture of cruising catamarans. Or that the Brunswick Marine group, with its American boat brands Quicksilver, Boston Whaler, Sea Ray, Bayliner and many others, is the world leader in motorboats? From sporty opens and speedboats with flybridge to sailing-cruiser catamarans and powercats, boat brands from around the world offer you a wide choice for your trips to sea.

Boat brands past and present

Because a boat continues to sail the seas even after its boatyard has closed, you'll also find old boat brands for sale on Band of Boats! Discover the comfort and performance offered by boat brands such as Kirie, Kelt, Gobbi and Van de Stadt. Sailing and motorboats that have delighted and continue to delight pleasure-boaters.

All brands of boat are available for sale on Band of Boats!