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Sono stato felice possessore di un'Alpa 38 del 76' , posso dire che è una signora barca adatta a navigazioni impegnative , è sicura , ha un passo sull'onda molto dolce , ed è anche una buona camminatrice , un buon progetto di S & S costruzione robustissima , chiglia lunga , unico difetto come per tutte le barche a chiglia lunga la manovrabilità in porto a marcia indietro , in genere per evitare problemi mi ero attrezzato a ormeggi di prua , ora risolverei sicuramente il problema con un elica di prua . Gli interni sono comodissimi e rifiniti molto bene , ha una cucina 3 fuochi con forno e doppio lavello , ampio frigorifero a pozzetto 2 cabine confortevoli e ben arieggiate con 2 bagni con doccia , pozzetto centrale , buone autonomie di acqua e gasolio , la mia aveva 450 lt. di H2O e 200 lt. di gasolio con motore Mercedes da 50 Cv. . Barca adatta ad essere usata per lunghi periodi , comoda come una casa , la mia era armata a sloop ma vi era anche la versione ketch , la consiglio a chi ama navigare ed ha il tempo per farlo seriamente .

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All about Alpa brand


The arrival in Europe in the early 1960s of the new technique for building hulls using a resin and fibreglass composite was the start of a new wave of shipyards run by young entrepreneurs.
Every country had its champions
Alpa was one of the forerunners in Italy.

Founded by Danilo Cattadori in 1956, Alpa earned its first stripes by producing highly attractive and well finished Flying Dutchmans.
This Olympic series attracted all the top sailors of the time.
Cattadori's meeting with the architect Van de Stadt, gave rise to the first successful Alpa, the ALPA 6.7.
This small 6 m 70 sloop, sturdily constructed from fibreglass, allowed a couple to indulge in the joys of coastal camping with almost monk-like simplicity.
This success was quickly followed by the introduction of the Alpa 9.5 and 11.5 cab versions.
These two versions are still popular for their ability to stay the course on their own with a free helm, when properly trimmed.
This balanced behaviour under sail and the Alpa's remarkable construction quality made it a hit throughout the 70s and 80s.
The purchasers of sailboats at the time, bought them to sail in...

This statement may make you smile today, but not when you realise that most modern cruisers are unfit for sailing in over 20 knots of wind.
For this reason, almost half of the Alpa yachts were ketch-rigged at the time, a rig which, while not the simplest, is certainly the one that has the most adjustment options.




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