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Founded in 1974 by Davide Capelli and now run by his son and daughter, the Capelli shipyard has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of RIBs. Capelli started out building, without the need for subcontractors, flat-bottomed polyester fishing boats of excellent quality. Today, Capelli produces more than 1000 RIBs every year, fully integrating their design and manufacture, from moulds to fibre, including floats and fittings. This integration guarantees high quality, which has made the brand a success. Capelli's Tempest range are RIBs, and they have far exceeded the production volumes of Open hulls.
The Capelli Tempest range is very varied: from the Tempest Tender 260, a 2.60m inflatable tender designed for a 4hp engine, to the Tempest Luxury Line 50, 15m long with 4 x 425hp, there really is something for everyone. Judge for yourself: Tempest Tender Line, small inflatable tenders; Tempest Yacht Tender Line, decked tenders; Tempest Fishing Line with livewell and rod holders for fishing; Tempest Work Line (pro range); Tempest Easy Line (core family range); Tempest BR Line (semi-rigid bow-rider); Tempest Top Line (design and elegance) and Tempest Luxury Line (luxurious liveaboard cruisers, superyacht tenders).
Materials and equipment differ considerably from model to model, with the sturdy Tempest Work Line appealing to a completely different clientele from the Tempest Luxury Line, with its thick cabin carpets, artificial-teak deck, luxurious upholstery, advanced on-board electronics and gleaming appliances.
The core range is now around 7m, with the Tempest 775 or Tempest 700 Open, 250 horsepower boats – the French boats are generally powered by Yamaha – which can easily exceed 45 knots!


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