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All about Catana brand


Founded by Olivier Poncin in 2001, Poncin Yachts is a French specialist of semi-custom catamarans founded in 2001 in Canet-en-Roussillon, France, which became Catana on its 25th anniversary. The Catana brand from the shipyard of the same name produces a range of large semi-custom cruising catamarans. Catana has production sites in France (Canet-en-Roussillon and Marans) and Tunisia, and also produces the "Bali" line of catamarans which are popular with individuals and charter companies alike. Catana is specialised in the production of "one-off" boats that can exceed 70 foot and semi-custom production alike, positioned around two models: Catana 53 and Ocean Class 50.


These two bases made from infused carbon composite make it possible to offer a wide range of interior layouts and technical equipment. Generators, watermakers, diving compressors, dishwashers, air conditioners, and induction kitchens easily fit aboard the Catana 62 and Catana 70, a stunning craft with curved lines and sliding openings which blurs the lines between interior and exterior spaces.


Catana has added a carpentry workshop to its production site, enabling it to offer greater flexibility and responsiveness in the creation of interior fittings to its clientele.


Unlike Bali catamarans, Catana models do not have pointed bows.


Renowned for being very seaworthy thanks to their lifting daggerboards and absence of high superstructures, these boats make great long-distance catamarans. Also renowned for their reliable, intelligent design and high-quality construction and materials, these boats offer a unique mix of liveability, customisation and seakeeping qualities. These mighty catamarans are the result of a very successful fusion featuring elements inspired by super-yachts!


Catana: buy your future boat


From the very first models designed and created to the most recent, boatbuilder has a wide selection of seagoing pleasure craft for you to choose from. The boats of the range be divided into various different categories that continue to become ever more refined with the passing nautical seasons.



How to go about purchasing your new boat



Before acquiring your new boat, take the time to carefully examine what type of amateur sailor you are by considering some simple but useful criteria:


  • The total budget for the purchase and maintenance of the boat
  • The type of sailing and type of waters: coastal, open seas, mixed?
  • Preferred uses: Fishing? Coastal sailing? River cruising? Watersports?



Looking for the perfect boat?



Impressed by the boats from the boatyard but none of the models offer exactly what you want as a seasoned sailor (or one in the making)? No need to panic! Band of Boats is here to help you. Whether you're on the lookout for a sea cruiser, a recreational fishing boat or simply a cabin cruiser, get ready to jump in with both feet and purchase your future new or used boat. We look forward to counting you amongst our community of passionate enthusiasts. Awaken the sailor sleeping inside you and prepare to write the first pages of your very own ship's log.