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posted a review on GIB SEA 302
très bon bateau, agréable a barrer, ne mouille pas je suis à nouveau à la recherche de ce bateau
Currently owns a GIB SEA 105
posted a review on GIB SEA 105 LIFTING KEEL
Innanzitutto la deriva mobile; ti permette di arrivare quasi in spiaggia pescando circa 1 metro. Poi il rullaranda sul boma; hai sempre una randa steccata, ma la riduci semplicemente dal pozzetto senza dover prenedere le mani di terzaroli. Il timone a barra, lo adoro perchè ho origini su derive, e poi occupa pochissimo spazio. Gli spazi interni sono ben gestiti e permettono di stivare molte cose. Aspetto negativo lo skeg: è vero che protegge il timone, ma quando devi manovrare in retromarcia i tempi di reazione sono molto lunghi.
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All about Gib Sea range


Founded in 1971 by Olivier Gibert, Henry Jeanneau's own son-in-law and founder of the eponymous shipyard, the Gibert Marine shipyard is better known by its brand name Gib'Sea.
Initially a builder of sport keelboats, such as the Tequila (a success story with no less than 248 units), the shipyard quickly moved into cruising with the Gib'Sea brand and into the motorboat market with the Gib'Sea Jamaica 37 and the small Gib'Sea 50.
The sailing boats, renowned for being well designed, sturdy and well finished, are close cousins of some of Jeanneau's: Jeanneau's Poker, Gib'Sea's Flush Poker; Jeanneau's Gin Fizz, the Gib'Sea 114 – the list is long!
Bought in 1997 by the Dufour shipyards, themselves owned by the catamaran builder Fountaine-Pajot since 2018, the brand has not been used for the production of new yachts since 1997.
On the second-hand market, however, Gib'Seas are constantly in demand. Their sleek lines (mainly thanks to the architects Harlé, Joubert and Nivelt), intelligent layouts (combined map table/cool box for models under 10 m) and high-quality manufacture explain why they appeal to long-distance sailors with limited means.
Popular with rental fleets when this business emerged, the Gib'sea range (Gib'Sea = gipsy) included, among its sailing boats, 7–12m sloops and ketches, such as the bestselling Gib'Sea 76 and 414, and among its motorboats, fishing-excursion-type day cruisers and small 6–10m houseboats.


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