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All about Targa range


Some of the big names in boating are more famous than others. The British manufacturer Fairline Yachts is one of them. Founded in 1963 on the River Nene in what was to become Oundle Marina, Fairline Marina is located in the middle of the UK, some 60 miles from the sea.
Their 1960's production was initially limited to small inboard day-cruisers of less than 20' in length.

Then came the first Fairline Targa, the 33', sporty open hulls (which made the brand famous) and Squadrons.
2004 saw the first Gran Turismo emerge with its electric retractable roof. And in 2014, the yard introduced vacuum infusion for the launch of the Targa 48s with hulls designed specifically to accommodate Volvo IPS pods that make manoevring these large craft in port so much easier.
The Fairline Targa, the shipyard's leading design, has seen its range expand up to lengths of 65' today.
These large, heavily motorised open boats are perfectly suited for day trips or cruises and taking their owners from one glamorous stopover to another.
A FairlineTarga is the epitome of British chic, being discreet yet tasteful. They feature oak floors, high-quality materials, exceptional cabinetry, an efficient and distinguished design without being flashy, all with a very British sense of restraint.

A Fairline Targa is like the marine version of the British classic convertible car, an Aston Martin of the seas, in a way.
The current Open versions have a retractable electric awning, while the GT versions have a sliding roof.
The Fairline Targa, so British!




Targa: find your future boats


The range of boats centralizes models with similar characteristics, both in their design and in their use. A boat builder can have a range dedicated to racing-cruising yachts and another specializing in small outboard motor boats. The ranges of boats may need to evolve to better meet the expectations of boaters. Thus, certain ranges are disappearing to make way for new generations of boats.



Choosing your boat model from the range



Buying a new or used boat requires taking stock of your expectations as a future boat owner Here are the main questions to ask:


  • What is my maximum budget for buying a boat?
  • Do I have a berth available?
  • What is my boater profile?



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The range of boats counts among your favorites but none of its models meet your boating wishes? No stress ! Band of Boats is here to guide you. Whether you are looking for a fishing boat, a cruise ship or just a pleasure boat, dare to buy your future new or used boat. We are delighted to have you join our community of enthusiasts.