Cap Camarat 4.7

All about Cap Camarat 4.7 model


Simple and light, the Cap Camarat 4.7 is a boat for every day activities!

Light and inexpensive to buy and to use, the Cap Camarat 4.7 CC is one of those simple boats that offer much more than you'd think!


More rustic than an inflatable, it is capable of flirting effortlessly with shores and shoals as well as pulling easily into harbours. The Cap Camarat 4,7 CC is only 550 kilos so it's easy to winch alone on a trailer. It can be towed behind a small car and at just 4.65 metres in length you can easily stow it in an ordinary sized garage during the off season.


On the water, a modestly powerful engine (between 40 and 60 HP) is enough for it to burst into life. The mechanics in these powerboats are simple, reliable and fuel efficient, but can you say that about many open boats of this size? Not really!


With its safe and gradual deep-V hull and tulip-shaped bow that effectively deflects the spray, the Cap Camarat 4.7 CC is an all-rounder that can do a lot on a little. It's a discreet go-to for your fishing trips, or you can add its benches if you want to head off and chillax together on the sand of an far flung beach.


With a central console that can accommodate two people, handrails that fit perfectly into your hands and its utility capabilities, the Cap Camarat 4.7 is a perfect everyday choice.


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