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All about Esteou range


Estéou: from family outings to fishing with friends!
Jeanneau's own slogan for the Estéou, and we can't sum it up any better: this boat perfectly reflects the preferences of pleasure boaters of the time. Boats would be bought with the intention of going on short family cruises, only to be used most often for fishing trips with friends. The "fishing-cruising" sector emerged from this observation, one made by a handful of shipyards smart enough to go against certain preconceived ideas and feature the boats in their catalogues that pleasure boaters were really looking for.

The Estéou range features boats ranging from 4.80m to 8.30m. The general layout of the boats and the design of the fittings place the spotlight firmly on the cockpit and the area dedicated to fishing. Contrary to what was offered by leading competitors at the time, the pilothouse does not actually house a saloon. It consists of a steering station, potentially fitted with a mini kitchen depending on the size.

This choice means Estéou boats are perfectly adapted to fishing, but a little less adapted to cruising. This has in no way slowed down the success of the range, quite the opposite! You only have to visit a coastal port to catch a glimpse of these boats, frequently used despite being well over 25 years old. There are enough of them around to ensure a good chance of finding a second-hand model that suits you.

Esteou: find your future boats


The range of boats centralizes models with similar characteristics, both in their design and in their use. A boat builder can have a range dedicated to racing-cruising yachts and another specializing in small outboard motor boats. The ranges of boats may need to evolve to better meet the expectations of boaters. Thus, certain ranges are disappearing to make way for new generations of boats.



Choosing your boat model from the range



Buying a new or used boat requires taking stock of your expectations as a future boat owner Here are the main questions to ask:


  • What is my maximum budget for buying a boat?
  • Do I have a berth available?
  • What is my boater profile?



Find your future boat



The range of boats counts among your favorites but none of its models meet your boating wishes? No stress ! Band of Boats is here to guide you. Whether you are looking for a fishing boat, a cruise ship or just a pleasure boat, dare to buy your future new or used boat. We are delighted to have you join our community of enthusiasts.


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