Menorquin 160

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Menorquin 160, all the elegance of tradition!


The Menorquin 160 is built in Menorca, in the Balearic Islands, inspired by the designs of local fishing boats. It has really captured them! The lovely pointed silhouette, the frigate bow topped by the rather phallic capian, the canoe stern... Even the huge stern deck grafted onto the pointed stern doesn't manage to detract from this pretty hull. The deck is very large and accentuated by the bulwarks' wooden cladding which demarcates a particularly well secured space. The hull is much thinner than it appears and this displacement hull really knifes through the water.


While this motorboat's lines are traditional, the materials are no less so, with a profusion of wood used in both the exterior trim and the fittings. The cockpit is surrounded by a genuine rail and the glass window that closes off the wheelhouse owes nothing to synthetic materials. The wheelhouse has a very large sofa which forms a mostly glazed deck saloon. It complements the one you can set up in the cockpit very well. The layout is as traditional as the varnished wood finishes. The companionway adjoins the cockpit and leads to the galley adjacent to the saloon.


The cabins have also been given the traditional treatment, so if you find modern productions tasteless... If you find the warm tones of varnished wood inseparable from the blue of the sea... If you want to feel that you are sailing on the most elegant boat in the port... Don't do anything without having a look at the Menorquin 160 first!




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