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The Prestige brand, created by the Jeanneau shipyards, themselves owned by Bénéteau since 1995, is a fine illustration of what happens when an architect and a concept come together.
In 1989, Jeanneau launched a range of large luxury motorboats, a range that gained its independence by becoming the brand we know today in 2004.
The Italian architects Garroni (father and son) were behind the Prestige 41 of 1989 and all the other models in the range since then!
What's the recipe for Prestige? Building exceptional yachts for demanding customers so they can live their dream life...
And it's a total success!
The Prestige 30 S has sold more than 160 units and the name has become synonymous with luxury motorboats. It is a fact that these motorboats have actually got bigger over the years, with the 2010 launch of the Prestige 60 (60'/18m) which was a truly massive yacht, and then the launch in 2014 of the Prestige 750 (75'/23m). Prestige offers a complete range of houseboats ranging from 40 to 75 feet and that tick every "super yacht" box thanks to their incredible interior designs, the use of exotic materials and very powerful engines (Volvo diesel). To support this increase in size, the most recent models are equipped with Volvo steerable pods which are electronically coupled with thrusters so you can dock these hefty machines with a flick of your fingers using a simple joystick and systems similar to car reversing radar technology, relegating the cold sweats of docking to ancient history...


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4.15 (3 reviews)
posted a review on PRESTIGE 34 SPORT TOP
Leicht zu manovieren, stabile Lage, Hardtop mit Schiebedach, Copitsitzecke ist klasse.
posted a review on PRESTIGE 34
Se ne possiedi una non la vendere, ti pentiresti.
posted a review on PRESTIGE 46
Le meilleur bateau construit par Jeanneau !

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Prestige: the range of launches with a reputation for luxury and timelessness


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