Prestige 630

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The Sportfly configuration is definitely the most interesting in the Prestige range. It was designed to combine all the advantages of the Sport roof on the S versions with the Flybridge in the F range. This means the boat needs to be of sufficient size of course.


The Prestige 630 is available in this ideal configuration which mingles all the benefits of a beautiful outdoor space and a cockpit featuring exceptional visibility with a sheltered deck saloon. We can't say it enough, the sliding roof allows you to enjoy the fresh air and starry nights without the wind raising goosebumps on your bare shoulders. If necessary, a simple touch of the finger will cover this genuine "cabriolet" space. 630 Prestige, everything at your fingertips!
You'll be using the lightest of touches during port manoeuvres because the Prestige 630 is equipped with the IPS system. To summarise, the propulsion bases can be rotated 360°, which results in lower fuel consumption, as the propellers are more efficient when pulling.


When sailing, you use the IPS to steer in a more traditional way. As the helmsperson approaches somewhere they want to moor up, they engage the joystick. This small lever couples the pods with the bow thruster. With a simple push, the boat moves in the desired direction, even crossways. If you rotate the head of the lever, the boat swivels on the spot. You have to try it to feel all the joys of child's play manoeuvring.




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