Boat Rental in Hyères

The town of Hyères is situated in the Var region in the south of France. Known for its spas, in 1830 Hyères became the first health resort in the area. Hyères is also remarkable for its passion for botany, with many exotic plants being grown there, including notably a strong presence of palm trees in the town. This particularity earned it the nickname ‘Hyères les Palmiers’, a well-deserved nickname, as today Hyères is the premier exporter of palm trees in Europe. As well as just a botanical town, the town boundaries also take in the equally well-known Hyères Isles. Also known as the ‘Îles d’Or’ (Golden Isles), this archipelago plays a significant role in the tourist appeal that the town of 7000 palm trees enjoys. Choose a boat rental at Hyères to discover this magnificent coastline.