Boat Rental in Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio, the third biggest town in Corsica, is home to around 12,000 residents all year round and welcomes as many tourists during the summer period. Formerly a major salt producer (producing over 1,000 tonnes of salt a year), Porto Vecchio is covered in magnificent salt marshes, which now lie abandoned. However, the ‘city of salt’ still owes its nickname to its illustrious past. Its breathtaking scenery and its proximity to the sea make renting a boat at Porto Vecchio one of the region’s unmissable activities. After the Second World War, the marshlands that used to cover the city of salt were reclaimed, allowing the town’s rapid development. Since the 1980s, the city of salt has become a sought-after tourist resort, notably serviced by Figari Airport. Many celebrities call this little corner of paradise home and you could bump into Carla Bruni, Laetitia Casta or even Paris Hilton there.