The additional insurances

With Europ Assistance, set sails free-minded !
Fast, easy and et safe, you can subscribe online or directly with your professional

Insurance on deposit refund

Don't ruin your vacation for a small bump

Depending on the renter, the destination, the value of the boat or its size, deposits can vary from 1 500 to 4 000 euros and are kept in the event of a damage or accident during the rental .

In order to avoid bad surprises, and let you enjoy your vacations, Band Of Boats and Europ Assistance propose an option on excess refund to be covered during your boat rental .

Every skipper knows that smiles onboard can vanish when , for his fault or someone's from the crew, a damage is caused to the boat and the deposit is demanded! Europ Assistance and Band Of Boats fight in order to keep those smiles and the insurance on the deposit is helps.

Caution !
There is no credit card who offers integrated insurances for boat rental as for car rental. Premium cards offer only insurances for the rental « of registered four wheels engine land crafts ».

Captain, how should I subscribe ?

Easy, it takes 5 seconds... 10 at the most !

When you validate your booking, choose the option Deposit Insurance and you will receive automatically the insurance contract together with your rental contract. You forgot to tick the box ? You can subscribe until 5 minutes before departure by clicking on the link in your confirmation mail.

On site
If you forgot to subscribe while booking and you're worried sick not to have a coverage at sea : relax! You can subscribe the day of the rental up to 5 minutes before departing time with Band Of Boats. A small sticker on the shop front will remind you.

Cancellation and weather insurance

Captain has everything planned

To rent a boat in high season you're often torn between booking in advance to have the best boats and waiting the last second to protect yourself from unforseen.

The Captain and Europ Assistance have decided to make your life easy: now you can book in advance without risk thanks to the cancellation insurance . The Cancellation insurance refunds the sum of the down payments in the event of:

  • serious disease or accident
  • family event (death of a family member, court summon

Hey Captain, what do we do about weather ?

Cancellation insurance refunds you in the event of Special Weather Report !

Our Cancellation and Weather insurances also refunds you in case of heavy weather that prevents you from going out on the water.

If the weather services give a Special Weather Report, Europ Assistance refunds the sum of your down payment (7 Beaufort inshore, 8 Beaufort offshore).

It works also if the rental has already ! Europ Assistance refunds you the day the Special Weather Report has been broadcasted .

Assistance at sea

Europ Assistance will be at sea with you the whole time, until the time you come back

Every skipper hopes he will never need help but the day a health problem or any serious accident happend onboars, Europ Assistance will be with you all the time, until you come back.

Assistance at sea is the essential solution for the refund of charges for assistance (rescue, towing...). Europ Assistance's customer service is available 24/7 to find the best way to get you on land, safe with the best safety conditions and with no charges.

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