Windsurf Rental

Windsurf, is a surface water sport consisting in gliding on a board equipped with a sail. The wind, applied to the sail, works as propulsive energy and makes the board move forward on water. The sail has different sizes depending on the experience and the type of practice you are looking for. Don't loose hope if you don't get the hang of it right away, windsurf pays well in time ! Renting a Windsurf from a professional means having new, quality material and to benefit from the instructions of a professional. If you are looking for some sport activity or just to have some fun, book now on Band of Boats the windsurf rental you need. In this page you will find our best windsurf rentals and the best destinations to rent a windsurf.

The average score given by the tenants
4.9/5based on 80 reviews
« Super moment c’était top ! »
Amél, on July 22, 2019
« Excellent service... »
Vincent BOUVIER, on July 22, 2019
« Great service »
JAMIE HARKERSS, on July 22, 2019
« Super, nur jour fantastique avec ma famille. Boat in excellent condition, top introduction, tres professionell. Merci beaucoup. Nous reviendrons 😃 »
Friedemann TUCH, on July 21, 2019
« Simple et efficace. »
aurélie GUINOT, on July 19, 2019
« I can recommend Cala Elte Boat Rental in Moneglia highly. The personal was helpful and friendly. The price of renting a boat for half a day is reasonable and not expensive at all. The boat I rented, te cheapest available, had enough power and went surprisingly fast. Furthermore, it was easy to handle for non-experienced boat drivers. »
felix GUWER, on July 19, 2019
« Super contact gentils très pro rien à redire »
Fred Rubira , on July 19, 2019
« Excellent boat rental »
Clemens MAUCH, on July 19, 2019
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