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Have you always dreamed of sailing in the sunshine? Do you prefer the wild coasts of Northern Europe or do the Greek islands appeal? To each their favourite port. With Band of Boats, you can buy a boat in the country of your choice. No more borders, no more limits: you're free to sail beyond the horizon! Search now for boats for sale in Greece, Croatia, UK, Spain, USA and many other partnering countries. In each member country of the network, you'll be given all the help you need to buy a new or second-hand boat with confidence.

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Do you enjoy water sports but are hesitating between an open rigid boat and an RIB? Search, refine and read all the advertisements for open-rigid and semi-rigid motorboats to check the prices and find out about the specificities of these boats.

Are you a fan of sailing cruises? And do you like both the sportiness of a monohull and the comfort of a liveaboard catamaran? At Band of Boats, you can learn about the characteristics of each brand, range, model and version of a boat and discover yachts that will fully meet your expectations.

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Band of Boats is continuously adding advertisements from individuals and resellers certified by our team. On this unique platform, you have access to thousands of listings for boats for sale around the world as well as support from sailing and pleasure-boating experts. Announcements, but also advice, tips and expertise from a solid network of boating experts. A set of valuable tools to help you buy a boat with confidence.

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Once your profile is complete, you can contact for free and exchange with individual and professional members of the Band of Boats network. Do you want to get a boater's opinion on the technical details of their boat? Do you want to gain a better understanding of the details that distinguish two versions of a boat from the same manufacturer? Question individuals and dealers directly about the boats that have caught your attention.

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Like you, boat sellers, whether private or professional, are above all passionate about the sea. Experts on their favourite boat models, they also know about sailing in their region. You'll soon know all you could wish about must-see destinations, the functioning of the ports and the habits of boaters in the region.

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Now that you've found the boat that ticks all the boxes, how do you check its price? How do you insure against mechanical breakdown with a second-hand boat? We've solved the problems. Thanks to Band of Boats, you can call on an independent expert qualified in the boating market to request an estimate. Note, too, that you can also, under certain conditions, subscribe to the mechanical breakdown insurance offered by Band of Boats with partner resellers.