Used boats for sale in Greece

Our advice for successfully buying a boat in Greece

  • Get in touch with individuals and professional dealers who are members of the Band of Boats network. Talk to them and get top tips on the right types of boats and the sailing zones you mustn't miss out on.
  • Extend your search to the whole of Greece. The cost of transporting a boat can sometimes be quickly recouped.
  • Think about the second-hand market. When it comes to sailing or motor boats, older models are often incredibly high-performance and seaworthy.


Buy a boat in Greece and sail all year round

How many are there exactly? The number of Greek islands is estimated to be between 2,000 and 6,000, or even 9,000 if you include rocky islets. There is no other basin like this for sailing in the world, and is appreciated for the beauty of its landscapes, its slower pace of life, its gastronomy and its history.



Athens, a capital by the sea

At the foot of Athens, the Saronic Gulf is a sheltered navigation basin, ideal for peaceful family cruises. Buying a boat in Athens enables you to take advantage of the capital's many marinas and quiet anchorages. Close to the international airport, it is the perfect starting point for cruises lasting a few days to the islands of Hydra or Poros. And why not set sail for the Ionian Islands, via the Corinth Canal, while leisurely enjoying the enjoy the calm in the Gulf of Corinth?



Explore the Ionian Islands by boat

To the east of the peninsula, the Ionian Islands are easy sailing options. There is of course the unmissable Corfu, but Ithaca and Paxos also offer dreamlike stopovers. With their vineyards, olive groves, citrus groves and colourful houses, these islands a few miles off the Italian coast have the appearance of a mini Venice. Change of scenery guaranteed!



Discover the must-see Cyclades by boat

In the heart of the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades live up to their promise: the water is translucent and there is island after rocky island, dotted with small white houses. As they're pretty much arranged in a circle, you can sail between the islands of Kea, Paros, Mykonos, Naxos and many others, whichever appeals to you most. You can sail here on a liveaboard sailboat, a cruising catamaran, a speedboat with a cabin or a luxury yacht as you've got pretty much every option open to you.



Buy a boat in Crete and live there all year round

Less popular with tourists than the Cyclades, the largest of the Greek islands is the ideal place to settle year-round. Buying a boat in Crete is an excellent option for exploring Heraklion and the island's historic sites at your own pace. As for nature, the mountainous landscapes and natural parks offer a wide variety of hiking opportunities. As far as food goes, Crete is the ultimate destination if you want the finest Greek cuisine. Last but not least, if there's somewhere you simply mustn't miss, then it's the neighbouring Dionysades archipelago, where in ancient times, homage was paid to Dionysus, god of the vine, wine and drunkenness, the deity of madness and excess... The islands here are deserted for the most part but simply magnificent! Buying a boat in Greece allows you to sail most of the year. You get good weather, hundreds of historic sites to visit, all in a landscape worthy of a picture postcard: an ideal country for boaters.