Used boats for sale in Ireland

Our advice for successfully buying a boat in Ireland

  • Get in touch directly with individuals and professional dealers who are members of the Band of Boats network. Like you, they are passionate about the sea and will happily share their sailing experiences with you.
  • Extend your search to the whole of Ireland. This increases your chances of finding that rare gem.
  • Check out the second-hand market. There maybe an extremely seaworthy boat hiding behind a more vintage look.


Buy a boat in Ireland to sail when and where you please

Between the North Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea and the Celtic Sea, Ireland has a fascinating coastline for pleasure boaters.



Sail the west coast of Ireland, off the beaten track

Buying a sailboat in Galway is a great choice for cruising the west coast. This rough, wild coastline remains exceptionally unspoilt and offers seasoned crews breathtaking landscapes. Between Mizen Head and Westport, the rugged coast is home to deep bays, perfect for mooring in. Small fishing ports and their charming pubs are a great choice for stopovers. Beyond Galway, navigation becomes more difficult, there's less signage and the area is subject to strong currents as well as marinas being scarce. However, thrill-seeking sailing enthusiasts are sure to love it here.



Discover the east coast, with its beaches and the Irish Sea

From Cork to Dublin, the east coast is open to the Irish Sea. The shore slopes gently down to long sandy beaches in this basin, ideal for sailing. Buying a boat in Dublin is a good choice if you want to cruise the Irish Sea, across to the Isle of Man or neighbouring Great Britain.



River sailing in Ireland: well worth it



956 km of waterways so you can immerse yourself in the local culture

WIth its combination of peat bogs, lakes and rivers, Ireland's interior lives up to its promise as a land of legends. The Shannon River, crossing the country from north to south-west and 386 km in length, is an essential route for discovering the country inland. Buying a riverboat in Ireland enables you to navigate the country's many rivers and canals, from the wildest regions to the capital. Villages, marinas, and historic sites are all opportunities to stop and soak up the local culture.



Ireland, land of the great lakes

Buying a boat in Ireland also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the country's immense lakes. Among many others, Lake Corrib and its translucent waters is a spot where you can learn about salmon fishing. Nearby, the historic city of Galway is open onto the North Atlantic, so there's something to suit everybody! Opting for a boat purchase in Ireland: a safe bet for pleasure boaters. Fascinating, charming and wild, this land of legends can be explored just as easily through coastal sailing as river navigation