Used boats for sale in United States

Our tips and advice for buying a boat in the United States

  • The vast majority of boats sold in the United States are sold by professionals. With Band of Boats, you increase your chances of finding the boat of your dreams by being able to contact individuals directly.
  • Get in touch directly with individuals and professional dealers who are members of the Band of Boats network. Types of boat, marina rates, navigation areas: all the information you need is at your fingertips.
  • Search the regions near your preferred port, or extend your search to the whole country. The cost of transporting a boat by road will soon pay for itself.
  • Choose from the second-hand market. Behind a vintage design, you'll often find boats in good condition with excellent performance at sea.


Buying a boat in the United States: sailing without limits

With nearly 12,500 miles (20,000 km) of coastline at various latitudes, divided between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, the United States offers an endless source of discoveries.



The East Coast of the United States: a boating paradise

Buying a boat on the East Coast of the United States is a safe bet. It's safe to sail and the coastline is perfectly equipped with marinas. Florida is great for sun worshippers, and you can go out to sea most of the year. Water sports, coastal cruising or heading off to the Bahamas: it's up to you to decide on your programme!



Sport sailing on the West Coast of the United States

Directly exposed to the waves and winds of the Pacific, this coastline appeals to more experienced sailors. If you're buying a boat on the West Coast of the United States, we recommend that you opt for a large one, which will be more stable on the water. Users looking for safer sailing, but who still want the excitement, will find what they're looking for in San Francisco Bay or, further north, in Seattle Bay.



Inland waterways: crossing the United States by boat

The unmissable Great Lakes constitute a real inland sea where you can enjoy sailing as well as water sports, fishing and motor cruising. Particularly wide rivers, such as the Mississippi, are perfect waterways for exploring the interior of the country. One legendary cruise to enjoy in a river cruiser is the “big loop”. The idea is to go up the St. Lawrence, cross the Great Lakes and descend to the Gulf of Mexico, along the Mississippi. Change of scenery guaranteed!



Buying a boat in Alaska or Hawaii



Exploring Alaska by boat

The Alaskan coastline appeals to boaters looking for vast wilderness areas. In a well-equipped sailboat or motorboat, you enjoy some wonderful cruises. Whether you're exploring fjords, observing glaciers or hiking in immense natural parks, there's no lack of entertainment.



Buy a boat in Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific

A tropical climate, ideal sunshine, translucent waters: buying a boat in Hawaii allows you to sail much of the year. Renowned for its surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing spots, this pearl of the Pacific also has all the amenities needed for pleasure boating. Buying a boat in the United States allows you to enjoy boating in a thousand different ways. Learn about sport fishing, go on a cruise, take part in a regatta or just enjoy a boat trip, in freshwater or in the open sea: everything possible.