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Because there are as many ways to enjoy boating as there are boaters, Band of Boats has added every kind of boat for sale on a single platform. There are thousands of ads for new and used boatswaiting for you, including sailing boats and motorboats, monohulls and multihulls, boats with or without a cabin, and more. Access the boat models of your choice that are for sale in just a few clicks.
Still hesitating between a few different categories of boats? Just so you have the full picture when it comes to choosing, Band of Boats tells you the characteristics for each boat based on its nature, category and type:

  • Nature: sailboat or motorboat.
  • Category: with cabin, without cabin, monohull, multihull, dinghy, inflatable and semi-rigid, motor yacht etc., not to mention boats for river or commercial sailing.
  • Type: small boat, speedboat with flybridge, trawler, yacht, schooner, cabin cruiser, etc.

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The many types of sailing boats

Sailing boats still appeal to just as many boaters whether they're looking for something new or second-hand. Experienced racers as well as those who love family cruises appreciate them because these boats enable you to sail at nature's pace. There are several different categories of sailling boat:

  • Small sailing boats of the sailing dinghy, catamaran or sport trimaran type.
  • Sailing monohulls, which include vintage sailboats, cutters, sloops, tall ships, etc. These models are characterised according to the number of masts, the number and shape of the sails, their arrangement and the layout of their hull.
  • Liveaboard sailing multihulls, mainly catamarans, are popular because they are so comfortable. Their spacious interiors are perfect for cruises with family or friends.

The main types of motorboat

The various different types of motorboats are appreciated for their ease of use. Depending on its size, shape and equipment, there are many different models of new or used motorboat:

  • Open motorboats, of the rigid, semi-rigid or runabout type are attractive for their speed and compact size. These powerful boats are designed for water skiing, wakeboarding and enjoying other fun activities on the water with family or friends;
  • Motorboats with cabins, of the cuddy-cabin, cabin-cruiser, yacht, trawler or super-yacht type are popular because of their living arrangements designed for day outings or trips of several days.
  • Motorboats with pilothouse type cabins are perfect for fishing enthusiasts as these boats are very seaworthy, perfect for indulging in your favourite hobby.
  • Motorboats such as personal watercraft or jet-skis

Fresh water sailing boat types

Travelling across a country inland through its locks, sailing up a river or getting away from it all on a lake means that freshwater boating attracts more and more people every year. Whether you're sailing in the middle of a city or in the middle of the countryside, it's a leisure activity that offers you a total change of scenery. There are various boats from these categories that suit freshwater sailing:

  • Small sailing boats: lakes and other bodies of water are excellent training spots;
  • Open motor boats, small boats, open rigid, open semi-rigid or bowriders are perfect for water sports, exploring and fishing.
  • Motor boats with cabins such as cabin cruisers, barges or Dutch speedboats are the ideal boats for spending a day on the water or sailing during your holidays… and why not live there all year round?

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