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What is a cabin cruiser?


Characteristics of a Cabin Cruiser



In the category of Cabin Boat, the Cabin Cruiser is a motorboat with a cabin fitted out for living on board, where you will find a kitchenette, sanitary facilities and sometimes a mid-cabin. There are areas for sunbathing, which can be at the front or the back. Somewhere between day-cruisers and motorboats, cabin cruisers are thus perfect for a multi-day cruise or a day trip. They can accommodate up to a dozen people depending on the model.



The cabin cruiser measures between 7 and 14 metres, the smaller ones powered by outboard to save space, while the larger ones will have one or two inboard engines. Beyond 14 metres, they will generally fall into the category of yachts, very luxurious pleasure boats.



Cabin Cruisers are sometimes equipped with a fixed roof to protect boaters from bad weather. There are also versions of cabin cruisers with a convertible roof to enjoy the sun. However, they will be less solid and will deteriorate more quickly.



Four Winns, Jeanneau, Regal, Bayliner and Bénéteau are among the manufacturers offering this type of cabin boat.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of a cabin cruiser?


Cabin Cruisers, luxury vessels in the cabin boat category, have several advantages:


  • a good living space/price ratio: the cabin cruiser offers good habitability at a lower cost than a yacht;
  • the presence of a bathing platform and ladders: ideal for taking a dip;
  • a wide and deep hull: the boat has good buoyancy and there is less risk of capsizing.



Sailors keen on Cabin Cruisers do suffer minor inconveniences:


  • unsuitable for the high seas;
  • difficult to transport;
  • slower than other motorboats;
  • usually more expensive than other cabin boats.



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