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What is a dutch barge?


Main features of a Dutch barge



The Dutch barge is an extremely popular pleasure boat on canals and rivers. It is a small yacht that is available in various sizes ranging from 10 to 15 metres in length. This type of houseboat has a sturdy metal construction and the engine makes it very seaworthy. However, it's still best to sail Dutch barges on wide waterways if you really want to see their full potential. On such waterways, they can use a single or even double engine at full power.



There are two main types of Dutch barges:


  • Dutch barge with a rear cabin: has a lot of living space per meter of hull. This boat can be a riverboat with moderate engine power. It can also be used on inland waterways, making it versatile (for use on inland waterways and the sea) with more powerful engines.
  • Tjalk barge: a flat-bottomed boat equipped with external side daggerboards and gaff rigging.


Dutch barges: exceptional boats


Dutch barges are known above all for their quality of design and how long-lasting they are, hence their popularity with those who love sailing on both rivers and sea. They are mainly built in the Netherlands by renowned shipyards such as Linssen, Aquanaut, Pedro Boats etc.



Dutch barges have many benefits for their future owners:


  • A very large and comfortable living space;
  • Can sail on waterways with ease;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • You can live on board all year round, even in winter, provided you have double glazing and a central heating system;
  • They have a really distinctive look.





Dutch barge maintenance



Dutch barges require regular maintenance, including checking the hull below the waterline. This part, which is submerged under water, is soon ruined by knocks from pontoons, locks or anything else in the water itself. If you want your boat to keep looking good, you have to maintain it by antifouling it. You must also take great precautions during outings to preserve the hull.



Buying a Dutch barge means picking a boat with a unique appearance that can navigate in all navigable waters. Join the Dutch barge owners club and explore the most incredible waterways all year round.



We have lots of new and used Dutch barges for sale so treat yourself to something sumptuous made in the Netherlands.