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What is a fishing trawler?


Main features of a fishing trawler



A fishing trawler is a fishing boat named after the 'trawl': the net used to catch fish and other crustaceans. The trawl net is shaped like a funnel and is dragged along by the vessel. Two vessels can be used to tow it, which is known as pair trawling. Fishing rawlers can also be used for deep-sea fishing thanks to a system that combines panels, chains and more technical floats. The mesh size of the net varies along its length. Strict size standards for mesh are imposed by regulations in order to safeguard certain species. Regular inspections are carried out aboard trawlers to ensure that mesh sizes stated conform to nets being used.



Fishing trawlers were developed during the 20th century, after the Second World War. With the support of research institutes such as IFREMER in France, trawling is becoming the most widespread technique in the world, accounting for over half of all catches made. The world's largest fishing trawler in 2020, Vladivosktok 2000, measures almost 230m and has a storage capacity of 14,000 tons.



Fishing Trawlers are the most coveted motorboats in the fishing industry and are predominantly found in fishing ports where the infrastructure permits and facilitates unloading of their cargo. Fishing trawlers are split into two categories: artisanal fishing trawlers owned by fishermen, and industrial fishing trawlers owned by shipowners or shipping companies.


Fishing trawler uses


Fishing varies depending on the type of trawler used:


  • Artisanal trawlers specialise in catching 'finer' species such as hake, sea bream and monkfish. In Brittany, for example, the largest fleet in France depends on lobsters...who would have thought?!
  • Fishing trawlers are floating factories; every aspect has been designed to catch, process and freeze fish. Crew members work day and night with the trawl hauled in every three hours on average.
  • Offshore trawlers travel to far-off seas to find the best catches.



Present day fishing trawlers


With their round, draught hulls and small engines, trawlers used for pleasure boating pair perfectly with relaxation. Fishing trawlers travel at slow speeds, taking you smoothly to your destination. We list trawlers for sale - set the search filters for your future vessel and get ready to photograph your top catches of the day!