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What is a flybridge boat?


Characteristics of a Flybridge Boat



Generally measuring between 8 and 15 metres, Flybridge Boats are motorboats that have a living space under the enclosed deck and where comfort is the keyword. Short for "flying bridge", this type of boat offers an area on the upper deck with, as a minimum, a second steering position. Depending on the boat, the flybridge can be a small cockpit or a spacious fitted deck. For the biggest boats, the flybridge lends itself to being the place for everyone to meet, as it also allows extra seating and, sometimes, a kitchenette. Many manufacturers build this type of boat, the most famous being Fairline, Princess, Azimut, Ferretti and Sealine.



Flybridge Boats are often suggested instead of sports yachts or sportcruisers: the major difference is that the latter do not have the additional space above deck.



Two other versions of the boat exist:


  • the open express cruiser: this version has a closed foredeck with the cockpit remaining open;
  • and the hard-top yacht: this type of boat implies a hard-top that will sometimes open depending on the model.




What are the advantages and disadvantages of a flybridge boat?


The flybridge versions of the boats bring their share of advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, we have:


  • the 360-degree view from the deck: this panoramic view provides excellent visibility of the bow, stern and sides of the boat. Manoeuvring is thus made easier and the flybridge makes offshore cruises particularly pleasant, day or night. Anglers are also happy and appreciate these boats for their fishing trips.
  • the dual cockpit: the control and navigation equipment is duplicated, allowing the pilot to choose, depending on the weather and navigation conditions, to navigate from one or the other.
  • a large draught: this makes the launch faster and safer.





The flybridge does increase the height of the boat, which implies several disadvantages:


  • access to certain waterways will be difficult or even impossible (e.g. passing under certain fixed bridges);
  • additional storage costs may be incurred;
  • The extra space also provides a greater surface area that can be attacked by the wind, which can make it difficult for even the most seasoned sailors to manoeuvre in narrow ports. This disadvantage is compensated for by manoeuvring aids such as a joystick control or a jet rudder.





So now you know all the secrets of Flybridge Boats. Choose your next boat from our new or used Flybridge Boat ads on Band of Boats for some high speed cruising.