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What is a jet-ski?


There are lots of different names for a personal water craft, including Jet Ski and water scooter.



They all mean the same thing, though! Jet Ski is a registered trademark of Kawasaki, and is a commonly used term around the globe.

Features of a Jet Ski


Historically, the 'water scooter' was imagined by Clayton Jacobson II, an American lawyer who wanted to water ski without being pulled along by a boat. This is where the idea of having personal water craft came from. Jet Skis have continued to evolve and even a sport emerged in the 1980s.


Today, what's commonly known as a Jet Ski is a motorised water vehicle that can be used for racing or recreational activity.



There are two types of Jet Ski:


  • the stand-up Jet Ski, where the user stands to steer the craft;
  • and the seated Jet Ski, which is equipped with a seat for the driver and one or more passengers. These Jet Skis are generally larger and more powerful than stand-up ones.


What are the pros and cons of a Jet Ski?


The Jet Ski boasts many assets that sea lovers can't resist:


  • a Jet Ski is easy to maintain and clean;
  • storage is practical: a Jet Ski takes up little space in a garage;
  • Using Jet Skis is more physical than you might think, and thus very sporty;
  • fun to drive: fast with good starting acceleration.





Jet Skis also come with certain disadvantages:


  • costs that recur frequently and can increase rapidly;
  • an environmental impact;
  • noise pollution;
  • personal dangers related to speed.





Whether you prefer to do it standing up or sitting down, Jet-Skiing equals speed, fun, and guaranteed thrills. Browse through our listings and find the new or used personal water craft to fit your needs. Take off towards the horizon on your Band of Boats Jet Ski.