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What is a mega-yacht?


Characteristics of a mega-yacht



A mega-yacht is a luxury, motorised boat of more than 60 metres in length, and represents the very pinnacle of luxury boats. They are entirely designed for yachting and leisure. The price may vary according to its equipment, its size, its fittings or its services. Whether the focus is on comfort, speed or shipping capacity, the annual operating cost of a luxury yacht (i.e. maintenance, crew, insurance, fuel and port mooring fees) often reaches 10% of the purchase price.



A mega-yacht always has a professional crew on board, generally divided into 5 categories: the captain, the cook, the cabin crew, the deck crew and the engineers.



A mega-yacht can be for the exclusive use of the owner or can be rented for a unique holiday experience. Aboard a mega-yacht, you will be able to cruise over the most incredible seas, whether it's in the Caribbean or Greenland. You will also be able to sail along the European coasts to visit the many gems that Europe abounds in.



When constructing mega-yachts, shipyards often call upon architects and designers to design unique ships that will delight the owner. The design of the mega-yacht is left up to the imagination of the builder, the architect or the owner, resulting in ever more personalised and impressive boats.


What's the difference between a yacht, a super-yacht and a mega-yacht?


The main difference between a yacht, a super-yacht and a mega-yacht is the size of these luxury boats:


  • Yachts are the smallest with a size between 7 and 40 metres long;
  • followed by super-yachts which measure up to 60 metres;
  • and then mega-yachts, which is a category for all boats over 60 metres.





The extra equipment and layout of a mega-yacht make a super-yacht look basic next to it. A submarine, sauna and hammam, medical centre, massage parlour, and defence system are just some of the kit you might find on a mega-yacht; while a super-yacht just has a helicopter landing strip, swimming pool, gym or cinema.



All 3 types of yacht are still equipped with state-of-the-art technology and guidance instruments. This means they can easily cope with the roughest seas and are thus perfectly suited to long sea voyages.

What are the biggest mega-yachts?


Mega-yachts compete in terms of size, so here are the 4 largest yachts:

  • the Azzam: it measures 180 metres and is the longest yacht and one of the fastest in the world;
  • the Eclipse: with a length of 162.5 metres, it is the most expensive yacht out there and it has a rocket-based defence system;
  • the Dubai: this was formerly the largest mega-yacht in the world with a length of 162 metres;
  • the Topaz: measuring 147 metres in length, it really stands out with its 8 decks and its mini submarine.





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