Motor yachts

What is a motor yacht?

The characteristics of a motor yacht :

A motor yacht is a motorized pleasure boat that connotes great luxury. Originally, the word yacht referred to both sail- and motor-powered pleasure craft. But today we can see a shift in meaning: when we talk about yachts, we mainly mean motor boats . The yacht category contains all yachts from 7 metres up to the largest and these yachts are segmented by size: yachts, super-yachts and mega-yachts. Yachts are therefore pleasure boats, that is to say, they are not made for long voyages and are reserved for "soft" navigation.

Where does the word yacht come from?

The word yacht comes from the Dutch or Low German “ Jacht ” which means “warship” or “hunt”. These boats were mainly used for transporting VIPs. But it is from the English word " yacht " that today in France the term yacht has taken on the contemporary meaning of pleasure boat or racing boat. They thus differ from boats for professional use, whether military, commercial or fishing.


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In order to differentiate among the different types of motor yachts, we classify them according to their size:

  • yachts: these are the smallest boats in the category, measuring between 7 and 40 metres;
  • super-yachts: their size is between 40 and 60 meters;
  • mega-yachts: over 60 metres. The largest today measures 180 metres.


When the yacht is synonymous with luxury

Today, a yacht is a pleasure cruiser with a connotation of luxury. Billionaires may own one or more, which is a symbol of wealth and social success. These true floating palaces accommodate a professional crew and can contain a helipad, sports field, onboard cinema, spa and a great deal of other equipment.

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