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The characteristics of a motorboat

Motorboats are characterized by a motorized propulsion system. There are two types of engines:

  • Inboard engines, located in the hull
  • the 'outboard' motors, installed at the rear, clearly visible to the naked eye

Motorboats can be rigid or flexible (semi-rigid) hulls, as with boat tenders. You can also find multihull models such as catamarans and motor trimarans. Jet-skis, although belonging to the motorboat family, are more akin to power boating. Note that to be at the helm of a Motorboat whose power exceeds 6 horsepower, you must hold a boating license.

What uses for Motorboats?

Motorboats are pleasure boats intended for cruising, but they can also be used to try out water sports. small Motorboats are preferred for short sea trips or for excursion fishing
. For ocean cruising, cabin boats are perfect for enjoying a sheltered living space. For river navigation, Dutch speedboats and barges are the preferred Motorboats for navigating rivers and streams in ideal conditions.

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