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What is a multihull sailboat?


The characteristics of a multihull sailboat



A multihull sailboat has several distinct hulls linked together by a rigid structure : 2 for a catamaran and 3 for a trimaran, which are the most famous multihulls. There are also the quadrimaran with 4 hulls and the pentamaran which has 5 hulls.



Having only auxiliary engines, multihulls are propelled by the force of the wind which tightens the sails . So they don't drift or move crabwise, they are equipped with a lifting daggerboard or daggerboards located on the floats.



Whereas a monohull is not the most stable of sailboats and can heel a lot (heel is when a sailboat tilts a few degrees due to the force of the wind or natural causes), a multihull is far more stable thanks to its width and its floats. Positioned on either side of the sailboat, the floats prevent it from tilting too much to one side. Multihulls are also known for not having too much heel and people prone to seasickness will particularly appreciate this feature . However, multihulls pitch back and forth a lot and bad weather doesn't do them any favours.



A multihull will often be accompanied by a dinghy to help you reach dry land . This is because, due to their size, multihulls have more difficulty finding a place in a port or a marina and will most often have to moor on a block. There are various types of annex boats: dinghies, boats, semi-rigid or inflatable.



The advantages of multihulls



The choice of a multihull sailboat offers several advantages for sailing:


  • weak list ;
  • large deck area ;
  • significant stability ;
  • shallow draft ;
  • and low water resistance when navigating .

Whether for pleasure boating or for a sailing race, your ideal multihull is among our many listings.


What are the different types of multihull sailboats?


  • the catamaran: with 2 hulls, it's the most poular multihull. It has plenty of living space, especially when it's 12 metres or longer. It is particularly appreciated by families or where there are many people sailing together.
  • the trimaran: despite of their 3 hulls, they don't have much living space but lives up to their reputation as a fast sailing boat which offers a thrilling sail.the quadrimaran: not widely used in the pleasure boating world, it has 4 hulls and is mainly used in the world of sailing racing.
  • the pentamaran: like the quadrimaran, the pentamran is not used a lot in the pleasure world. But, it is slowly beginning to emerge in large-scale maritime projects.
  • the prao: of Indonesian origin, it is a multihull sailboat with many variations


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