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What is an open express cruiser?

Characteristics of an open express cruiser


Luxurious and comfortable, open express cruisers are houseboats where only the foredeck is closed while the cockpit remains open. Usually between 8 and 15 metres in length, open express cruisers feature comfortable amenities perfect for a one or several-day offshore cruise, such as a sleeping cabin, a kitchenette and sanitary facilities. Fishing enthusiasts also like open express cruisers for their fishing trips. Compared to other cruisers, open express cruisers are generally appreciated for their performance rather than their living space.



Two other versions of this boat exist:


  • hard-top yachts: this type of boat has a hard-top that will sometimes open depending on the model;
  • and flybridge boats: this version features a second helm on the upper deck, with a panoramic view.



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What are the advantages and disadvantages of an open express cruiser?


Although it has less equipment than the 2 other versions, open express cruisers nevertheless have some great plus points:


  • more sociable: as the cockpit is open, there is more living space and a decent area for socialising;
  • a fantastic open deck area: perfect for trips in the sun;
  • a large draught: this makes the boat faster and safer;
  • cheaper than the flybridge and hard-top versions.





Sailing on an open express cruiser has one main disadvantage: as the steering area is unprotected, it is at the mercy of bad weather and you will have to helm there whatever the weather, in rain or sunshine.



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