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What is an open hull boat?


Characteristics of an open hull boat



As part of the open boats category, an open hull boat is a small boat with a completely open plan, no roof and either a central or lateral helm. An open hull boat can be recognised by its hollow hull, circulation space and fairly high sides, designed for passenger safety. The hull will mostly be made of fibreglass and polyester, sometimes carbon. You can choose between an outboard or inboard engine, so opt for an inboard engine for aesthetic reasons or an outboard engine to optimise the deck space.



Ideal for beginners who want to sample sailing or for fishing parties, open hull boats are great for coastal day trips with family or friends. Also, they are particularly suitable for summer sailing or sailing in sunny regions. You can add a bimini, awning or hard-top to shelter the cockpit from the sun or rain.



Open hull boats are customisable based on how you use them. Whether it's for water sports, fishing or just relaxing, find the perfect open hull boat for you.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of an open hull boat?


Versatile, open hull boats are popular with sailors for their sterling qualities:


  • a deck plan that makes it easy to move around inside the boat;
  • benches for comfortable navigation;
  • transportable;
  • easy to steer.




The simplicity of open hull boats also gives rise to their disadvantages:


  • there is no cabin so any passengers will not be protected from the elements and the cold;
  • they're not suitable for deep-sea cruising.





Are you looking for a boat that combines the safety and comfort of a pilothouse boat with the price and performance of an RIB? Don't delay, discover all Band of Boats' ads for new or secondhand open hull boats and enjoy your boat for a pleasure trip or a fishing session.