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What is a peniche freycinet?


The peniche Freycinet is named after Charles Louis de Saulces de Freycinet. He was the man was behind the standardisation of canal locks in 1879. Canal boat dimensions comply with certain standards: 40 metres long and 5.20 metres wide. These river boats may also be referred to as Freycinet boats.



Who was Charles Louis de Saulces de Freycinet?



After completing his prestigious polytechnic studies, he joined the Corps des Mines as an engineer and then became a civil servant in the administration of public works in 1852. Ten years later, he developed an interest in working conditions and industrial risks. He went on to propose an in-depth improvement of the current situation through a study named the Industrial Sanitation Treaty. In 1877, he became France's minister of public works. He worked towards developing the rail transport network, giving priority to areas with little road access. He established the national standard for the gauge of locks in 1879 via the Freycinet law.


The uses of peniches Freycinet


With the standardisation of canalised waterways, navigation techniques have completely evolved. Peniche shapes were adapted to the new universal standards. They have become wider and longer and their tonnage has almost doubled. The Freycinet barge is a houseboat that boasts a fully foldable steering system, allowing easy passage through locks without anything protruding from the boat.



The initial use of the peniche Freycinet was to transport building materials as well as food from the countryside into the cities. Peniches Freycinet would then be towed by other boats to reach their destination. Numerous vessels were introduced to complement the inland waterway transport system.



Today, the peniche Freycinet is very much sought after on the second-hand riverboat market, as much for its history as for its outstanding design. Being more economical and more ecological than the rail and road network, peniche travel is coming back into fashion. In addition to river sailing, the peniche Freycinet is also great for


  • permanent waterside living. Who hasn't dreamt of a floating home? A barge can be transformed and customised to make a small and atypical living space.
  • or for commercial use. Sightseeing barge excursions are on the rise, and they're big enough to accommodate a large number of passengers on board.


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