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What is a personal watercraft?


The characteristics of a personal watercraft



Whether it is personal watercraft or jet-ski, both terms designate the same thing: the personal watercraft is a motorized water vehicle used for pleasure or racing and which allows you to move on water. Popularized by Kawasaki in the 1970s, then followed by other manufacturers in the 1980s. Handy and powerful, personal watercraft is ideal for thrill seekers and for those who like to have fun . Depending on the type of jet-ski, it is possible to carry 1 to 3 people.



The practice of jet-skiing includes advantages and disadvantages. Personal watercrafts are easily transportable and require a low level of water , which allows them to reach places not accessible by boat. While buying a jet-ski does not require a lot of investment, practicing jet-skiing has several drawbacks: noise pollution, air pollution and a large gas bill.


What are the different types of personal watercrafts?


The category of personal watercraft, or personal water craft (PWC), contains two different types of vehicle:


  • stand-up jet skis: these are operated standing up thanks to an articulated vertical arm. They are the smallest of the jet skis and do not have a seat. They require physical strength and agility and are mainly used for competition;
  • runabouts: also called “saddle jets”, runabouts are larger and can take up to 4 people thanks to multiple seats. These are the most common jet skis.



While leisure and competition are the most common uses, jet skis can also be used as service vehicles thanks to their versatility, such as for beach rescue, maritime surveillance or access to marine biological sites. Some models can be used for coastal touring and many jet ski competitions are held regularly around the world.



Ideal for newcomers to mechanical water sports, the jet ski will meet the expectations of water enthusiasts with a passion for sports and thrills. Find your new or used personal watercraft among our ads on Band of Boats and set off at high speed for new sensations.