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What is a power trimaran?


Features of a power trimaran



We can all recognise the trimaran sailboats mainly used for races, but not necessarily motorised trimarans, which are very much up and coming in the world of multi-hull boats. These leisure vessels have a thin central hull and small side ones, along with relatively low-powered engines. The first power trimarans to enter the market were one-off projects, meaning the models were designed, produced, and sold as one single unit. Then, as a result of popular demand, shipyards seized the opportunity to create a range entirely dedicated to this type of unique multi-hull boat.



A power trimaran may be similar to a trawler when it comes to design, in particular with the wheelhouses appearing on two levels. The living space on board is exceptional, with a sitting area worthy of a luxury home. The flybridge also adds a touch of elegance to the look. The power trimaran is designed for high-sea and coastal cruising and offers many advantages to its crew:


  • Excellent on-board comfort
  • High navigational autonomy
  • Great performance
  • Low fuel consumption


What are the advantages of a motorised trimaran?


A power trimaran is ideal if you're looking for a comfortable and extremely sturdy boat. Thanks to the 3 hulls, the trimaran makes you feel like you're passing gently through the waves, and seasickness is but a distant memory! As multi-hull boats go, the power trimaran is therefore by far the most stable on the water.



The power trimaran can afford to have a low-spec engine for high speeds. The average speed is 10/12 knots for a consumption of 1.5 L per mile. Producers such as NEEL know the importance of offering trimarans that are comfortable, easy to use, easy to manoeuvre, and easy to maintain. Power trimarans are increasingly popular not only among pleasure boaters, but also with professional skippers who are moving away from sailing boats in favour of motorised vessels. Sail management along with constraints imposed by the wind while navigating can slow down many avid boaters.



If this sounds like you and you're looking for a unique multi-hull boat that really stands out from the crowd, the power trimaran will be right up your street! Browse our power trimaran listings and get ready to whip out your logbook.