RIB & inflatable boats

What are rigid inflatable boat & inflatable boat?


Also known as RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), an inflatable or semi-rigid boat is a motor boat made up of a rigid hull and floats. These can be made of PVC or hypalon. PVC, the most common material, will provide you with a light boat at a lower price with an impeccable finish. While the hypalon will be reserved for intensive use since it is not very sensitive to UV, temperature and dirt. Whether with an inboard or outboard motor, semi-rigid inflatable boats are powerful boats which provide excellent passage at sea. In addition, to being known for their rock-solid stability, rigid inflatable boats are ideal as a first boat purchase.


The semi-rigid inflatable boat packed with advantages:

  • a large open deck plan,
  • great stability and without heeling,
  • easy to fly and transport,
  • suitable for many uses,
  • a significant load capacity in terms of weight and passengers,
  • easy to manoeuvre and its floats can act as shock absorbers when mooring.


Do you want to buy a semi-rigid inflatable boat and you don't know which way to go? Fishing, diving, walking, cruising or water sports, Band of Boats will assist you in your choice among our many advertisements of semi-rigid inflatable boats to find the boat adapted to your practice.

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What are the different types of RIB and inflatable boats?



Rigid inflatable boats are different depending on their assigned use. Even if they are designed to be versatile, you will need to find (or customize!) The ideal inflatable / rigid boat for your practice:


  • for fishing: the boat will need to be equipped, for example, with rod holders or fish tanks;
  • for diving: launching is quick and easy and you should prefer a boat with a large open deck space;
  • for the walk: easy to transport and launch, they are popular for the first purchase of a boat for sea trips and families, some models exist with a sun bath, a dining area and sometimes an outdoor kitchen;
  • for water sports: the power of the semi-rigid allows the practice of water skiing, wakeboarding or towed buoy;
  • for cruising: sometimes equipped with a cabin and with a minimum of 9 meters, some inflatables include sleeping space, toilets and kitchen area;
  • as an annex: the semi-rigid is ideal for joining your boat.




Although their main use is as pleasure craft, RIBs are also used as work boats since they are easy to pilot, robust and functional.

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