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What is a river boat?


The characteristics of a river boat :



A river boat is a type of boat designed to navigate inland waters: rivers, canals, artificial waterways, etc. Generally motorized, river boats can have different uses:


  • private use for pleasure and living aboard: converted barges, river cruisers, etc.
  • commercial use for freight and tourism: riverboats, barges, etc.


Life on the water intrigues and attracts an increasing number of persons who turn river boats into homes , such as converted barges. You are sure to come across different types of boats on the water that will arouse your curiosity.

An inland waters licence is compulsory for some river boats


An inland waters licence is compulsory when the boat exceeds 6 horsepower. It allows you to navigate on canals (such as the Canal du Midi), rivers and streams. There are two types of inland waters licence:


  • the “inland waters” pleasure boating licence for river boats under 20 metres
  • and the “large inland waters” extension for vessels over 20 metres.



Enjoy the serenity of river cruising on river boats and visit picturesque villages. River navigation can be peaceful and calm, but don't be fooled! Going through locks and mooring the boat requires some physical ability, which can make river cruising quite strenuous. Among ports, river stopovers or towpaths, there are many possibilities to moor along your route.


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What are the different types of river boats?




There are many boats for river navigation. Discover the different types of river boats:


  • Houseboats Barge: old river transport boats that transported goods, these boats have been transformed into a place of residence by their owner;
  • Dutch barges: the most common pleasure boats on canals and rivers, Dutch speedboats measure between 10 and 15 meters and can sometimes be seen at sea;
  • Peniches Freycinet: so called because it corresponds to the “Freycinet template”, this wooden barge is the most common and measures 38.50 meters long and 5.05 meters wide .



Have you discovered that river navigation has everything you dreamed of and you are tempted by a houseboat, a Dutch speedboat or a Freycinet barge? Find all our ads for new or used riverboats on Band of Boats and venture further inland on the canals and rivers.