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What is a runabout boat?


Main features of a runabout boat



A runabout is a very fast motorboat that is between 5 and 7 metres long. It can be powered by an outboard or inboard motor, and can be recognised by its windscreen and covered deck in front. The runabout has a V-shaped hull and was one of the first boats to ever feature this hull design. The V-shape enables it to speed forward without cutting the waves, even in rough seas. The layout of a runabout depends on the model, as some have only a driver's seat and a passenger seat, while others have a sun deck at the back.



Invented by the naval architect John Hacker in the 1900s at the same time that cars began to appear, runabout boats were inspired by roadster cars and they suffered the consequences as accelerator levers and a steering wheel appeared and dethroned the usual helm controls. Originally built using varnished mahogany wood, you can find runabouts in aluminium, fibreglass or plywood, thus reducing manufacturing costs and weight.



Are you a speed freak? Then you will love the runabout for high-speed coastal cruises. Runabouts are versatile and ideal for boating, fishing, racing or water sports and are sure to delight water skiing and wakeboarding enthusiasts.



You can find runabouts from Riva, Chris Craft or Monte Carlo Offshorer.



Choose your runabout based on what you are going to use it for. Whether it's for racing, fishing or boating, there's a runabout for you on Band of Boats.


What are the pros and cons of a runabout boat?


Runabout boats have lots of benefits due to their small size and versatility:


  • inexpensive to buy and use;
  • easy to tow;
  • suitable for multiple uses.





Runabouts also have some drawbacks:


  • because of their versatility, they aren't optimal for certain activities;
  • they have a limited fuel capacity;
  • they won't usually accommodate more than 6 passengers.





Have you got a soft spot for runabouts? Then treat yourself to a new or used runabout from our Band of Boats listings and satisfy your cravings.