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What is a sailing super yacht?


Characteristics of a sailing super yacht



A sailing super yacht ship is a type of sailboat that is more than 15 metres long. It usually has several masts and sails. Even if there is no official definition, a sailing super yacht is always a sailing boat whose main mode of navigation is leisure cruising. They are perfect for deep-sea cruises, whether it's in warm or cold seas. Comfort on board is always excellent and tall ships are always able to handle rough seas.

The sailing super yacht of today


Although a tall ship is often called a "super-yacht", we prefer to add the term "sailing". In fact, the term yacht is increasingly used to refer to motorised pleasure boats with strong connotations of luxury.


Sailing super yachts are often synonymous with classic sailing ships with old rigging. However, nowadays, there are also modern tall ships created every year and that are a class apart from the incredible sailing ships of the past.


Let's take a look at 3 of the largest modern privately owned sailing super yachts


Impressive boats that rival each other in ingenuity. The largest sailing yacht in the world is the 'Sailing Yacht A', owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko and designed by French designer Philippe Starck. Its measurements are impressive: 143 metres long with a weight of 12,700 tonnes and the highest mast is 100 metres above the waterline. A true palace on the water, this ship has some 20 cabins, a helicopter pad, gyms, a spa with a swimming pool and an underwater observation room. When the sails are not enough to propel it, this yacht can compensate with its hybrid system of diesel and petrol engines.



The second yacht we'd like to call your attention to is the 'Maltese Falcon' built by the Turkish shipyard Perini Navi Yachts. This 88-metre long sailing boat is equipped with 3 rotating masts each 60 metres high which can carry 5 sails each. It is equipped with a gym, a jacuzzi with a cinema and a submarine. This innovative sailboat is even more impressive due to the fact that it is equipped with an electronic sail control system.



The last sailboat we're going to look at here is the Black Pearl. The Black Pearl is a large yacht inspired by the Maltese Falcon, and is 106.7 metres long with a height of 67 metres for all three of its masts. Delivered in 2017, its construction took 5 years and was carried out by the Dutch shipyard Oceanco. This sailboat stands out from the crowd for its innovation, because it is capable of making a transatlantic crossing using a maximum of 20 litres of fuel. It is propelled by wind and solar energy with sails that are made of solar panels. This is the first time this type of system has been used on a sailing boat of this size.



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