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What is a sloop boat?


The main features of a sloop boat



Sloops are a type of monohull sailing boat whose rigging consists of a single mast – like cutters and catboats – and two sails: a mainsail and a single headsail (depending on its shape, this can be a jib, genoa or spinnaker). If there are 2 masts on a sailboat, then it's a ketch, a schooner or a yawl. Sloop rigging is the most common rig on the majority of modern yachts, representing 95% of current production. This rigging is the easiest to use (not so many sails and ropes) and is cheaper to maintain.



There are two types of sloop:


  • Bermuda-rigged sloops (or marconi sloops): these are sloops with a sail on their mast and a headsail on their single forestay. This type of sloop is very efficient for upwind sailing;
  • Gaff-rigged sloops: these are sloops with two sails on their mast, one of which is triangular "the gaff topsail" and the other is quadrangular.



The uses of sloops


Depending on the height and size of the rigging, sloops can be adapted for all types of sailing such as a cruising sloop for leisure and exploration sailing or a racing sloop for regattas or ocean racing.


Sloops are always a safe bet for any sailing enthusiast. Band of Boats has a selection of new or used sloops among its ads.


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History of the sloop


Sloop comes from the Dutch word sloep meaning rowboat in English. The French form is sloup which was gradually gave way to sloop. From their first appearance during the Middle Ages right up until the First World War, sloops of 5 to 8 metres were used as tender boats for all tall ships. Then, equipped with some extra canvas and considerably reinforced, they became swift and manoeuvrable fishing boats. Finally, little by little, thanks to their easy handling, sloops evolved into the ideal boats for pleasure boating or racing.

Sloops: popular sailing boats


Jeanneau's Sun Odyssey range is famous among sloops for its performance and high quality. The Océanis 411 from Bénéteau is perfect for any family expedition or ocean cruising. As for the Dufour 425 Grand Large, a guarantee of quality, it is well-balanced and doesn't heel much when close-hauled.


Sloops are very popular with sailing enthusiasts for their manoeuvrability and ease of navigation. Treat yourself to this sailboat among our ads for new or used sloops on Band of Boats and set sail for adventure.