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What is a small sailing boat?


The characteristics of a Small Sailing Boat



As the name suggests, light sailing boats or dinghies are vessels whose main mass is provided by the crew . This is because dinghies are not ballasted by a keel, so the boat's balance depends on the crew. They will move from side to side of the boat to maintain stability and to prevent it from capsizing. To do so, crew members must be constantly on the alert and remain dynamic



Due to their light weight, Light Sailing Boats can capsize easily when the wind pressure on the sails and the weight on the hull are unevenly distributed. But don't panic, dealing with capsizing is part of the training given by sailing schools. Moreover, sailing schools particularly appreciate dinghies for sail training since all the manoeuvers can be performed by apprentice sailors, which is very instructive.



Staying close to the shore doesn't necessarily mean boredom. On the contrary, Light Sailing Boats can reach good speeds that enthusiasts will appreciate . In addition, beaching (= beaching your boat on purpose) is possible if you want to access a beach that is not easily accessible otherwise.



Light Sailing Boats differ from sailing cruisers on several points:


  • they do not have a keel;
  • they usually do not measure more than 6 metres (with exceptions);
  • they are not very heavy, so the handling to put them in the water is relatively simple and can be done by one person;
  • the rigs are light;
  • they can be sailed single-handed or in pairs


What are the different types of small sailing boats?


Small Sailing Boats include several types of sailing boats:


  • sailing dinghies: ideal for beach sailing, light dinghies are monohulls that promise fun and thrills;
  • sport catamarans: for sports, racing or recreation, sport catamarans will adapt to any day trips near the shore;
  • sport trimarans: 3-hulled sailing boats, which are relatively stable boats with a low risk of capsizing.



Light sailing boats, perfect for coastal sailing


Light sailing boats are ideal for recreation, sports or racing . Due to their light weight, these sailing boats cannot sail on the open sea as they cannot handle heavy weather conditions. It is preferable to stay close to shore or on lakes. In addition, as light sailing boats do not have a cabin or only the bare minimum, day trips will be more pleasant and appreciated by enthusiasts.


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