Sport trimarans

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What is a sport trimaran?


Main features of a sport trimaran


Following in the footsteps of sport catamarans and light dinghies, sport trimarans belong to the small sailing boats category with their light construction where the main weight is the crew members. Sport trimarans have 3 hulls with the following layout: the two side hulls are floats and connect to the central hull with beams. The 3 hulls make sport trimarans more stable than sport catamarans or light dinghies.


Trimarans have multiple plus points and are popular with sailing schools:

  • faster than monohulls: as the hulls on trimarans are thinner, they have less water resistance which makes trimarans faster;
  • more highly developed than catamarans;
  • safer than catamarans: sport trimarans are more stable with their 3 hulls so there is less risk of capsizing;
  • lighter than dinghies: sport trimarans are lighter so they can be transported more easily.


With no cabin and equipped with the bare essentials, sport trimarans are ideal for day trips whether it's for sports, leisure or competitions. Sport trimarans are very popular in the boat racing world. Their performance beats sport catamarans, especially when the yacht is upwind, and they also perform well in light and medium winds;

Racing Trimarans: top level sports multihulls


  • The Astus 16.5 from the Astus Boat shipyard in collaboration with the VPLP architects studio is very tempting with its telescopic floats. It can accommodate a crew of 2 to 5 members.
  • The ADH Inotec shipyard released a sport trimaran called the Diam 24 OD that is ideal for leasure sailing and sensational regattas.
  • The Weta 4.4, developed in New Zealand, can carry 2 to 3 people and is very practical as it can be easily disassembled by one person.



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