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What is a super-yacht?


Features of a super-yacht



A super-yacht is a motor yacht measuring between 40 and 60 metres in length. Any smaller, we simply call it a yacht. Any bigger, it becomes a mega-yacht. The super-yacht is the ultimate in luxury boating and is ideal for multi-day cruises with family or friends. It can be used exclusively by its owner, or made available for hire.



Another key feature of a super-yacht is the presence of an on-board professional crew to assist you during your trips. The crew is composed of 5 personnel categories:


  • the captain: in charge of the yacht;
  • the chef: takes care of the kitchen and food management;
  • the staff: working to ensure the super-yacht resembles a luxury hotel;
  • the deck crew: maintains the ship;
  • and the engineers: ensure the proper functioning of the vessel and systems.

The owner of the boat is responsible for the crew's expenses: accommodation, food, as well as water and electricity bills.



These true floating palaces offer numerous on-board facilities and equipment for your pleasure and entertainment: gym, night club, cinema, swimming pool, spa or even a submarine when it comes to the most prestigious super-yachts.


What are the pros and cons of a super-yacht?


Living aboard a super-yacht obviously comes with numerous advantages:


  • utmost comfort;
  • exceptional performance specs;
  • you can sit back and relax; the crew takes care of everything.





Having a super-yacht comes with its own set of drawbacks:


  • the costs are high: maintenance, crew and fuel bills, mooring fees etc;
  • unless you make it your permanent home, you'll never spend as much time as you'd like on your super-yacht;
  • with a few exceptions, these boats can be highly polluting.





In the know and up for the challenge? Browse our new and used super-yacht listings on Band of Boats and live the good life on your future super-yacht.