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What is a trawler?


Characteristics of a trawler



By origin, a trawler is a fishing boat, but can now also be a pleasure boat. It is generally between 8 and 20 metres long. Taking its inspiration from the hulls of fishing trawlers, the pleasure trawler is noted for its greater sophistication and its ability to remain at sea for a long time. Boaters appreciate trawlers for their comfort and autonomy.



A trawler is easily recognisable from other habitable boats due to its atypical hull. Just like the hulls of fishing trawlers, the pleasure trawler is based on Archimedes' principle, i.e. the hull displaces the water but does not lift up out of it: no planing occurs. This structural aspect gives the boat optimal stability when sailing. However, this limits the cruising speed to no more than 10 knots. To improve this performance, many pleasure trawlers use a semi-planing hull: the front of the hull has a V shape which gradually fades towards the rear. Regardless of hull type, the pleasure trawler is still a safe and dependable marine vessel, even in difficult conditions. The pleasure trawler is popular for two principal reasons:


  • Living space: Its high freeboard and large hull volume offer you a living space worthy of a mini house but on the water. The design of a trawler is based more on the on board living comforts than looks and aesthetics. The imposing roof offers the advantage of a very large saloon and spacious cabins. The storage capacity is also very impressive on a trawler. No need to think about optimising the contents of your luggage, there is room for everything on board, so you can empty your cupboards and take everything you want, a great advantage! Outside, the wide gangways provide easy movement between the living area and the access to the deck.
  • Autonomy: a trawler is designed to have a large fuel tank. In addition to this size advantage, it also benefits from significant water reserves, enough to take you to distant shores where you hadn't dared to venture before now.


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Uses of a Trawler


The trawler is an ideal boat for cruising as it is so manoeuvrable. After a few years aboard their sailing boats, many owners are moving towards a more comfortable boat and the trawler is one of the favourites. The goal is no longer speed, but to remove the hazards of the sailboat: no more hitting the boom, climbing the mast or contorting to fix the staysail. All members of the family can wear the captain's cap and take their crew to the most beautiful spots without anxiety. The optional flybridge is also available to perfect the tan for those who like to lie back and soak up the sun.



With its open cockpit, the trawler is also suitable for fishing activities. A livewell and rod holders make for a memorable fishing trip. And the roof allows you to take a sheltered break between fishing sessions. In short, the trawler is the perfect mix of fishing and cruising.



In the nautical world, the manufacturer Grand Banks is known worldwide for its luxurious high-performance models. Beneteau also operates in the pleasure trawler market with its Swift Trawler range. Now it's for you to take the helm of your future motor boat from among our new and used pleasure trawlers.