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What is a yawl sailboat?


Main features of a yawl sailboat



A yawl is a two-masted sailing craft with a main mast and a mizzen mast (or aft-mast). The yawl is characteristic for the aft sail, called a mizzen sail, The mizzenmast is much smaller than the main mast and is located at the stern of the boat behind the helm (unlike ketches, where the aft mast is located in front of the helm). The small mizzen sail at the back gives the boat balance in rough seas and increases the efficiency of the rudder. Also, because it is positioned to the rear of the boat, this mast needs a bowsprit which you can attach the sheet to, helping you adjust the mizzen sail's angle.



A yawl can be rigged in two different ways:


  • square topped yawl: the main mast has a square-topped gaff rigged sail and a spreader, and the mizzen mast has a gaff rig;
  • Bermudian yawl: this type of rigging has just a marconi sail on its main mast.





Yawls have many benefits:


  • although the mizzen sail doesn't help propel the boat, it makes manouevring easier because of its position aft of the rudder;
  • a split sail plan: the sails are smaller and therefore more manoeuvrable, especially in bad weather;
  • decent balance and easy handling thanks to the mizzen sail;
  • and it's a sailboat made for bad weather: you have plenty of balance without a mainsail, and just the jib and the aft sail.


History of the yawl


Etymologically, yawl comes from the Dutch jol which were little boats without a deck and propelled by oars. As time went on, the name changed to yawl. Sometimes they are referred to as dundees when they are sail-powered working boats with similar rigging.



Be careful not to confuse yawls with skiffs. The latter are oar-powered boats that can be rigged with a sail. This confusion stems from the fact that, in the past, yawl rigging was confined to boats like yoles.

Yawl rigged yachts


The yawl rigged Fairlie 77 shows some wonderful qualities such as exceptional sail handling and elegant lines. The yawl version of the Seafarer 31-1 turns heads and can always be counted on. The Nicholson 55 Yawl is sure to catch the eye of the seasoned sailor with its authentic cachet and unfailing sturdiness.


Have you been smitten by yawls with their unusual appearance? Browse our new and used yawl listings on Band of Boats and set sail for the horizon on your own sailing boat.