Calculate the selling price of your used boat,
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Our quote service helps you to know the best price during your purchase or sale project.

Obtain a counter-estimate of the selling price

The value of a used boat is determined thanks to various elements (the price of the new model, the analysis of the popularity of the model, the level of equipment, the study of the competition or the price changes of sale on the market ...). In the case of a proposed purchase, obtaining a counter estimate will either confirm the price offered by the seller or prepare you to negotiate.


A quote made by a Band of Boats expert

The quote of your boat is carried out by an independent actor, expert of the market. You will get a document stating the market value of the boat and the suggested trade-in value. These values are based on European market prices and trade-in prices. Our service allows you to obtain an estimate, the final value being of course determined after a visit to the boat and its expertise.


Sell your used boat at the best price

You have decided to put your boat up for sale but you are not sure of its financial value. Knowing the market price of your boat will allow you to set a sale price while having in mind a possible margin of negotiation. By being aware of its real value, you will be able to argue with a buyer who would like to lower the price of your boat. A boat put up for sale with a consistent and justified price will also increase its chances of being sold quickly.

How to request the quote of your boat?


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To estimate your boat, we will need details on the engine, the state of wear ...


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