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Rent a boat in Sardinia

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Sardinia is a popular destination for boat rentals. This Italian island contains many treasures that you can easily discover by renting a boat from one of the 9 main ports of the island. The north coast of the island remains the most interesting for navigation with its many islets and coves with emerald waters. However, if you prefer large sandy beaches, you can go to the west and northwest coast of the island. With regard to the climate, the temperatures oscillate between 30 and 45 ° C in summer in the southern part of Sardinia and this is also reflected in the water temperature. The island is also known for its rich historical heritage. Indeed, thousands of nuraghis are observable on the island. Dating back more than 1000 years before JC, these monuments are very well preserved, the most imposing of them, the nuraghi of Barumini is even classified world heritage of humanity. Finally Sardis are very welcoming and will be delighted to help you discover the local gastronomy with one of the 19 wines of appellations of controlled origin produced on the island.