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Why buy a used boat?

Are you about to buy a boat? Turning to the second-hand market is often profitable for future buyers. Here are the main advantages:

  • Cost: Used boats are often less expensive than new boats. What's more, pre-owned boats have often already suffered the initial costs of depreciation, which can considerably reduce the cost of purchase. Negotiating with the seller is also a way of reducing the purchase price. Second-hand boats for sale by private owners generally offer excellent value for money.
  • Choice: The used boat market is often more diverse than the new boat market. Buyers have a greater variety of makes, models and types of boat to choose from.
  • Equipment included: Used boats often already come with all the equipment you need, which saves you money compared with buying new, especially when it comes to investing in a trailer or tender.
  • Maintenance history: Used boats often have a known history of maintenance and use, which can help buyers make an informed decision and avoid unpleasant surprises after the purchase.

How to buy a used boat?

On Band of Boats, our boat buying and selling platform, you'll find a wide selection of used boat ads, sold by professionals or private individuals, among all our boats for sale. The list is long: sailing boats, helmsmen, motorboats, catamarans, cruising yachts, speedboats with flybridge or sports dinghies... No doubt, you're bound to find a referenced ad that suits you!
Here are the steps to follow to complete your purchase:

  1. Use specific filters when you search (manufacturer, model, category, engine, location, year, private or professional seller, with or without berth, etc.).
  2. Contact the seller to arrange a visit
  3. Check the location and home port.
  4. Plan a sea trial to test the boat in real-life conditions on the water.
  5. Make sure all the necessary documents are in order.
  6. Anticipate the request for your new registration card and other documents required for sailing.
  7. Take out boat insurance to protect your investment.

What boat should I buy ?

Before buying a second-hand boat, it's important to consider the type of use. Choosing a boat for a short trip at sea will not be the same as choosing one for a long cruise or crossing. So you need to ask yourself a number of questions in order to make the right choice. How much sailing experience do you have? Are you an experienced sailor or a beginner? How many people do you want to take with you? Where will you be sailing? Sea, lake or river? What will the boat be used for? Will it be a fishing boat, a pleasure boat for family outings, etc.? What equipment are you looking for? Do you need a boat with a galley, storage space, etc.?

Pleasure and recreationnal boating

There are many models of boat suitable for sea cruising or leisure sailing. If you're looking for a fast, comfortable ride, motorboats, RIBs and small dayboats are ideal. If you're looking for comfort and tranquillity, small sailing boats and boats with cabins are the way to go.

Sport boating / cruising

Offshore boats, runabouts, RIBs or more generally outboards are the perfect allies for high-speed sea outings and water-based activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding or scuba diving.

Saltwater fishing

A favourite activity for many yachtsmen, pleasure or sport fishing is an essential part of any sea outing. Choose boats such as helmsmen, open hulls or RIBs to ensure comfortable fishing and optimise your performance on the water!


Are you planning a long sea cruise? Catamarans, voyaging sailboats and trawlers are the models to choose.

What budget should I allow for buying a used boat?

The selling price of a used boat can vary considerably depending on a number of factors, such as size, year of manufacture, condition, type, manufacturer, model and equipment supplied.
To help you make up your mind, here is a range of average market prices:

  • For a 16 to 24 ft RIB, the average price is between €15,000 and €30,000.
  • For a 24 to 32 ft motorboat, the average price is between €30,000 and €100,000.
  • For a 25 to 32 ft sailboat, the average price is between €15,000 and €50,000.
  • For a 32 to 40 ft sailboat, the average price is between €30,000 and €250,000
  • For a 40 to 45 ft sailboat, the average price is between €50,000 and €500,000
  • For a 30 and 50 ft yacht between, the average price is between €150,000 and €500,000.
  • For a 40 to 50 ft catamaran, the average price is between €300,000 and €800,000.

Finally, over and above the purchase price, there are additional costs such as fuel, winter storage and berthing. As far as maintenance is concerned, the price generally corresponds to 10% of the boat's purchase price per year.

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