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Rent a boat in the Balearic Islands

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The archipelago of the Balearic Islands contains 5 islands and 11 islands where you can easily visit a renting(praising) a sailboat in one of the various ports(bearings) of the archipelago. Every island possesses its own identity. Some, as Ibiza known for its livened up(led) city centers and his(her,its) exceptional evenings and of other one as Minorca remained wild thanks to the numerous natural reserves which she(it) shelters. This archipelago was, during the millenniums, checked(controlled) by various civilizations such as the Greeks or Romain who left it their tracks. Concerning the weather report, he(it) makes beautiful and hot all summer long. The water can reach(affect) 26°C at the height of the season and light breeze which often blows between islands is ideal for the navigation(browsing).