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Moody yachts are true touchstones of the sailing world. . The German yacht builder offers a rich and varied range to suit a maximum of requirements and gives sailing enthusiasts an unrivalled experience. Among the most common second-hand yachts from this company are the Moody 30 and the Moody 346. Find out more about these legendary vessels :

  • The Moody 30 has been built in the UK since 1970, but the brand is now owned by a German company. This single-hulled craft is 9.15 metres long and 3.07 metres wide, with a 23 horsepower engine that gives it real sailing power on the water. In order to house as many passengers as possible, this yacht has two cabins sleeping a total of six.
  • The Moody 356 is a slightly larger model at 10.52 metres long and 3.56 metres wide. This enables it to offer greater comfort to up to a maximum of seven people, with two or three cabins.

The Moody 356 is a bit more recent than the Moody 30, having arrived on the market at the end of the 1980s. However, due to the age of certain models, these second-hand yachts can be found at very attractive prices. Depending on the year of production, model and usage, Moody yachts can be bought from 30,000 Euros each.

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posted a review on MOODY 376 CC
En réalité mon bateau est un Puma 37 même architecte même coque ,te 1,85. Peu gitard, confortable , deux cabines ,, cabine arrière avec WC lavabo. Penderie, et placards. Bonne hauteur sous barrots partout. Moi,1,95m,pas de problème. Coin cuisine un peu petit à mon goût. Carré où l'on à mangé à 10. Grande soute, nombreux rangements à l'intérieur. Frigo dans la cuisine et congélateur dans la cabine arrière, sous la couchette. Portique ,avec 310w solaires. Bossoirs. Plateforme arrière , bien pratique pour passer à l'annexe. Plus d'infos sur demande.

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Moody: famous yachts from a German company

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