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posted a review on OVNI 445
Bateau de voyage surnommé 4X4 des mers, version 2 cabines , local technique, soute à voiles à l’avant, un grand cabinet de toilette avec douche séparée, isolé coque et pont. C’est un beau bateau très sûr et très marin. Equipé pour le grand voyage, il est parfaitement autonome en énergie au mouillage et en mer, et en production d’eau douce avec son dessalinisateur. Nous sommes les 2ème propriétaire, nous l’avons bien entretenu. Cet OVNI nous a donné entièrement satisfaction lors de nos navigations ( Atlantique et Pacifique)
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All about Alubat brand

Alubat: exceptional aluminum sailboats

Alubat, born in 1974, designs and produces sailing boats made entirely of aluminum, unlike the majority of sailboat hulls which are made from polyester. This ambitious design appeals to boaters who are looking for a sailboat that’s suitable for ocean cruising. Alubat sailboats are strong, seaworthy and are able to tolerate heavy loads while maintaining fast cruising speeds.


The choice of aluminum is no accident. Its high level of impact resistance makes it the first choice for long-distance sailboats. In nearly 50 years, 1,500 aluminum sailing boats have taken to sea.



Alubat also produces custom-made sailboats for increasingly demanding customers and experienced sailors. Their ability to offer "custom" sailboats is made possible through their in-house production that’s is not mass produced (especially cabinetry). The possibilities are many:

  • engine choice
  • equipment
  • fittings
  • interior fittings

Their OVNI line is widely recognized throughout the nautical world. The Ovni 28 , released in 1978, was the first aluminum integral dinghy sailboat which today is regarded as the pioneer of its product line. UFO sailboats are long-distance sailboats designed to travel to faraway places. Nearly 30 UFO models have now been designed by Briand and Lombard, renowned engineers. Find your new or used Alubat sailboat in our boat ads.


Alubat: exceptional aluminum sailboats


From the very first models designed and created to the most recent, boatbuilder has a wide selection of seagoing pleasure craft for you to choose from. The boats of the range be divided into various different categories that continue to become ever more refined with the passing nautical seasons.



How to go about purchasing your new boat



Before acquiring your new boat, take the time to carefully examine what type of amateur sailor you are by considering some simple but useful criteria:


  • The total budget for the purchase and maintenance of the boat
  • The type of sailing and type of waters: coastal, open seas, mixed?
  • Preferred uses: Fishing? Coastal sailing? River cruising? Watersports?





Looking for the perfect boat?



Impressed by the boats from the boatyard but none of the models offer exactly what you want as a seasoned sailor (or one in the making)? No need to panic! Band of Boats is here to help you. Whether you're on the lookout for a sea cruiser, a recreational fishing boat or simply a cabin cruiser, get ready to jump in with both feet and purchase your future new or used boat. We look forward to counting you amongst our community of passionate enthusiasts. Awaken the sailor sleeping inside you and prepare to write the first pages of your very own ship's log.